[R] sink() & windows printing

Simpson, William William.Simpson at drdc-rddc.gc.ca
Mon Jan 13 19:47:03 CET 2003

Thanks Brian for your help.

> > I used sink() a lot under linux with no problems.
> > 
> > Under windows 2000 & using R 1.5.1, I do the following:
> > - use sink() to direct ouput to a file
> > - use sink() again to direct output to screen
> > - print the file (to a network printer)
> How do you print it?  (I tested this with "foo.txt", right-click to 
> print which uses Notepad.
I open the file under Notepad and select print. The job appears in the print
queue (spooled).

>  Under current R, of course: I 
> don't have such 
> an old version around.)
I don't have the proper privileges to install software on this machine so it
is difficult for me to update very often.

> > PROBLEM: the file stays spooled infinitely at the printer. 
> Sometimes the
> > spooling gets translated into a printer error. The only way 
> to get any
> > printing working again is to shutdown and restart (not even 
> a reboot helps!)
> > 
> > Am I misusing sink() under windows?
> No.  This is just a file that you can send to the printer: 
> the problem 
> appears to be in your print system.
This problem only arises after using sink() in R.

> > I checked the R bugs archive and did not see this one listed.
> It's for bugs in R, so unsurprisingly does not cover Windows printing.
The bug would be that R's sink() function screws up Windows's printing

Bill Simpson

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