[R] Ideas needed on automation of R

Rex_Bryan@urscorp.com RexBryan1 at attbi.com
Mon Jan 13 00:02:02 CET 2003

 I need some guidance on what is the best way to automate R  I am aware of

First question:  Is it true that R is not currently OLE accessible under
Windows 2000?
Second question: Is there an R command that echoes all R Console results to
a run log system file?

My first attempt to write a run log file is the example from the R Data
Inport/Export documentation.

> zz<- "textConnection("ex.lm.out","w")
> example(lm, prompt.echo = ">")
> sink()
> close(zz)

 I can't find the file "ex.lm.out" anywhere on my system's drive.  But the
file exists in R as confirmed by the next command:

> cat(ex.lm.out, sep="\n")


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