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Jonathan Baron baron at cattell.psych.upenn.edu
Sun Jan 12 14:30:03 CET 2003

On 01/12/03 13:53, Ghosh Mini wrote:
>Dear Sir/Madam,
>I am opening emacs in red hat linux, it is giving message at the bottom
>'Error in init file: end of file during parsing'
>i am not getting why this message.
>Actually i am trying to run R through emacs and when i am giving command
>M-x R it is saying 'No match'.
>So not getting where is the problem, in emacs or in R???

Looks like emacs, not R.

One problem is what it says, in your emacs init file, which is
called .emacs.  Look at it.

Another problem - or possibly the same - is that you need ESS in
order to run R this way.  You need to install ESS, and you need a
line in your .emacs file like
(load "/usr/share/emacs/ess-5.1.24/lisp/ess-site")
You may already have this, but, if so, some other error in the
.emacs file is preventing this from working.

If you do not have ESS, get it from
(But see also http://stat.ethz.ch/ESS/ for more information.)
Of course, the "load" line above assumes that ESS is installed in

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