[R] The options for device

Changxuan Mao cmao at statserv.ucr.edu
Fri Jan 10 05:16:02 CET 2003


I complied the R-1.6.1 source file on my 386 debian linux system.
However, I cannot get graphical output from the screen.
The options(device) is set to postscript

> getOption("device")
[1] "postscript"

After I change it to X11 ( as shown in my R 1.5.1 version on the same
system) it says  that X11 device is not loaded.

> options(device="X11")
> getOption("device")
[1] "X11"
> plot(rnorm(10))
Error in X11() : the x11 device has not been loaded

After I quit the R session and invoke it again, the options() changes

> getOption("device")
[1] "postscript"

This problem does not occur for R1.5.1 in the same machine, under the same
system. Anyone has an idea to help me eliminate the problem?



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