[R] Access to R from a remote location - follow up

Michael A. Miller mmiller3 at iupui.edu
Thu Jan 9 22:49:03 CET 2003

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Renner <h95mr at mun.ca> writes:

    > Following up on Erick's post, does anybody know whether it
    > is possible to start a lengthy batch-job in R, then
    > log-out/break a dial-up connection (while R is still
    > running) and later pick-up the R outfile?

I have regular jobs that I run with scripts like this:

R --no-save > normalization_stats.log <<EOF 

R output goes to the log file and, if you use --save instead of
--no-save, an .Rdata file will be saved and you could look at
that in the morning, or after coffee, or whenever.


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