[R] ack! my package is broken in win32

Jeff D. Hamann jeff_hamann at hamanndonald.com
Wed Jan 8 01:48:02 CET 2003

I was trying to talk someone through downloading R and running my package
and they kept getting the following error message:

>      ## perform OLS on each of the equations in the system
>      fit1sls <- ols.systemfit( system, inst, labels, kmenta )
Error in model.frame(formula, rownames, variables, varnames, extras,
extranames,  :
        invalid variable type

I tried to reproduce this error by entering the commands by hand and found
that that lots of things are "broken" in the version that was downloaded
from the CRAN. I have a version on my laptop (win32) that I used and I never
see this...

I thought, hummmmm, and updated the package and ran the examples in a
FreeBSD machine and the exampled work fine. Is there something goofy with
the version of R 1.6.1 on windows?

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