[R] factor analysis (pca): how to get the 'communalities'?

Wolfgang Lindner LindnerW at t-online.de
Fri Jan 3 21:05:03 CET 2003


thank you very much for your wonderful clear and short fix of my first problem: 
seeing your solution as one-liner in the impressive insightful syntax of R is 
really an aesthetic experience for me:

|  I ran your example and found that you can get the eigenvalues SPSS by [..]
|    m.pca$sdev^2
|  So squaring the standard deviations (sdev) of the components gives you the
|  eigenvalues SPSS reports.

I am a little sorrow of not having seen it for myself ;-) - but I think that's 
live in becoming a friend of R and making the first steps with pca, fa, ca & co. 
R is indeed a first choice tool in doing understandable statistics and Prof 
Ripley's indication to R's open code points definitive in the same direction for 
me. Now the two worlds become reconciled and the fog gets thinner for me.
Thank you both.

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