[R] factor analysis (pca): how to get the 'communalities'?

Wolfgang Lindner LindnerW at t-online.de
Fri Jan 3 09:53:03 CET 2003

Dear Prof. Ripley,

many thanks for your prompt answer and the valuable hints and pointers, I will 
study them and try it again.

Sorry, for not giving the full quote; my book is:

Venables & Ripley: MASS. Springer 1999, 3rd Ed. (Corr. 3rd printing 2001); 
           § 11.1, p. 330 ff.                   (§11 written by B.D.R.)

> Those editions which cover factor analysis do explain the difference.
So I will look for the latest edition ..

> 3) Don't believe SPSS knows what it is doing.
o.k. I see ;-) 

Best regards

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