[R] unable to install redhat 8.0 rpm

Hubert hubert at telus.net
Thu Jan 2 14:18:06 CET 2003

Many thanks.  I found them on rpmfind and all seems well now.


Jonathan Baron wrote:
> On 01/02/03 04:39, Hubert wrote:
>>I've just installed Redhat 8.0 + latest updates on a Intel PC and am 
>>trying to install the R 1.6.1-2 rpm but get the following:
>># rpm -i R-1.6.1-2.i386.rpm
>>warning: R-1.6.1-2.i386.rpm: V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 97d3544e
>>error: Failed dependencies:
>>        libtcl.so.0 is needed by R-1.6.1-2
>>        libtk.so.0 is needed by R-1.6.1-2
>>What am I missing?
> Some programs.  (Why they did not get installed when you
> installed RH 8 is something I do not know.)  One way to
> find such things is to go to http://rpmfind.net/linux/RPM/ and
> type the name of what you are missing into the search box.  In
> this case, you will see that you need the rpm for tcl, and the
> one for tk, both of which have versions for RH 8.0.  Download
> them and install them (as root) in the usual way, e.g.:
> rpm -Uvh tcl* tk*
> (or use the tab key to complete the names).
> Jon Baron

Hubert Wong, PhD

Email: hubert at telus.net

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