[R] Help on rpart

white.denis@epamail.epa.gov white.denis at epamail.epa.gov
Fri Feb 28 18:07:02 CET 2003

rpart (and tree) do not fit a linear model at each node, merely a
threshold split.  See Alexander, W. P., and Grimshaw, S. D. (1996),
"Treed Regression," Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics,
5, 156-175, for an alternative that may meet your needs.

> I am using the rpart() function to perform a recursive tree analysis
on a
> set of data that includes both numerical and categorical attributes.
> At the end of the analysis, I would like to see the linear model at
> node in the tree.  In particular, I would like to see each node
> model coefficients associated with each of the independent variables
> intercepts.
> I've tried using the summary() method, but don't see this kind of
> information.  How can I see this information?

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