[R] COURSE: Prof. Brian D. Ripley on Statistical Data Mining, Zuerich, April 3/4

Mariabeth Silkey Mariabeth.Silkey at insightful.com
Tue Feb 25 15:19:57 CET 2003

Insightful AG and Seminar for Statistics of ETH Zürich present:

Statistical Data Mining by PROF. BRIAN D. RIPLEY
click here for all details: http://www.insightful.com/services/training/datamining_by_Ripley.asp

*Zuerich April 3/4*

Data Mining has become popular in science, engineering and in traditionally data-rich
industries such as banking, insurance and market research. There are emerging applications
in official, environmental and medical statistics. Data Mining, also known as 'knowledge
discovery in databases', is one of many terms for finding structure in large-scale datasets on
the boundaries of statistics, engineering, machine learning and computer science.

Register before March 7th, 2003 for a 10% discount on the course fee for Statistical Data Mining. 

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