[R] How to put 2 or more graphics in the same page ?

Tobias Verbeke tobias_verbeke at skynet.be
Wed Apr 30 20:31:54 CEST 2003

> I can't find the way  to put
> 2 or more(precisely 4, in my case) graphics on the same page (each
> graphics is about 6 inches (width) X 4 inches (height)).
I'm not sure this is about using R,
but you can use `psutils' and in
particular the `psnup'-command.

To make a new PS-file `quater.ps', putting
four pages from the file `semel.ps' on each
page, type

psnup -4 semel.ps quater.ps

It is possible to rescale page sizes, 
change orientation etc.
A nice tutorial is Chapter 21 from 
The Linux Cookbook. You can find it
in the `Guides'-section on www.tldp.org



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