[R] plot(pam.object) error with R-1.7.0 on Red-Hat 8.0 i686

alessandro.semeria@cramont.it alessandro.semeria at cramont.it
Wed Apr 30 14:17:53 CEST 2003

Hello Martin!
I modified script with your suggestion 
"cl.pam.2 <- pam(as.dist(1-cor(mel.data)), k=2, keep.diss = TRUE)" 
obtaining the same "bad" cluster as your, 
then I performed pam without setting "keep.diss "
and looking to cl.pam.2$cluster I found
the same "good" parition as in R-1.6.2.
Then I think that your workaround is good to 
plot something but "destroy" the  job of pam!


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