[R] plots

Anna H. Pryor anna at ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov
Tue Apr 29 23:46:26 CEST 2003

I have two separate questions.

The first is when I use xlab, the labels on my tic marks disappear.  Is there 
a way to make them reappear?  Also, is there a way to make my own labels for 
the tick marks?

My second question is, after I have spent a lot of time getting my plot to 
look just right, I want to save it to a file, but the only way I seem to know 
how to do it is to first use postscript() and then make the plot and then use 
dev.off().  I keep forgetting to do this, and I am wasting so much time.  Is 
there a way to save the plot after I have already made it?


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