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alessandro.semeria@cramont.it alessandro.semeria at cramont.it
Tue Apr 29 15:13:39 CEST 2003

Hello Martin!
Here the script to create mel.data from data set freely 
available attached to"Molecular Classification 
of Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma
        by Gene Expression Profiling" (Bittner et al., 2000):
(melanoma.csv is an ASCII comma separeted containing data and 
with first raw= conditions names)

cond<- scan(file="melanoma.csv",what=character(38), sep=",",nlines=1)
mel<- matrix(scan("melanoma.csv",sep=",",skip=1),ncol=38,byrow=T)

mel.bittner <- mel[1:3613,1:31]
cond.bittner <- cond[1:31]
mel.bittner[mel.bittner<0.02] <- 0.02
mel.bittner[mel.bittner>50] <- 50
mel.bittner <- log2(mel.bittner)

mel.bittner.median <- apply(mel.bittner,2,median)
mel.bittner.mean <- apply(mel.bittner,2,mean)
mel.bittner.sd <- apply(mel.bittner,2,sd)
mel.data <- sweep(data.matrix(mel.bittner),2,mel.bittner.median)



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