[R] Windows metafiles from lattice plots

Tautz, Art WLAP:EX Art.tautz at gems2.gov.bc.ca
Sun Apr 27 01:41:22 CEST 2003

Could  someone please tell me if it is possible to automate the production
of a series of windows metafiles for each page of a multipage trellis plot?
The problem is  that I have a number of conditioned plots, each  consisting
of 1-30 individual conditioned regressions for each of 20-30 subsets of a
factor. The graphics work as expected, with each page consistent with the
layout specified for each factor.   However, if I attempt to automate the
creation  of a wmf for each page, I only get a portion of the output. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated 

Art Tautz

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