[R] rw1.7.0 spend much time to open

Eusebio Arenal Gutiérrez use at eio.uva.es
Thu Apr 24 12:23:42 CEST 2003

I've just installed R for windows 1.7.0 on windows 2000 SP2 from the
binaries on CRAN. It takes at least 1:30 minutes to completely open Rgui,
Rterm o R in Emacs. It this normal?

Data about the platform:


Microsoft Windows 2000 [Versión 5.00.2195]

> Sys.info()
                      sysname                       release
                    "Windows"                      "NT 5.0"
                      version                      nodename
"(build 2195) Service Pack 2"                     "xxxxxxx"
                      machine                         login
                        "x86"                         "xxx"

Thanks in advance,

Eusebio Arenal

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