[R] Setting up Xemacs + Sweave

Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Thu Apr 24 10:48:05 CEST 2003

>>>>> "Tamas" == Tamas Papp <tpapp at axelero.hu>
>>>>>     on Wed, 23 Apr 2003 19:44:00 +0200 writes:

    Tamas> I have tried to setup my Xemacs for use with Sweave,
    Tamas> which I indend to learn.  I have followed the
    Tamas> instructions in the Sweave FAQ, that is to say, I put

	(defun Rnw-mode ()
	  (require 'ess-noweb)
	  (if (fboundp 'R-mode)
	      (setq noweb-default-code-mode 'R-mode)))
	(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.Rnw\\'" . Rnw-mode))
	(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.Snw\\'" . Rnw-mode))

	(setq reftex-file-extensions
	      '(("Snw" "Rnw" "nw" "tex" ".tex" ".ltx") ("bib" ".bib")))
	(setq TeX-file-extensions
	      '("Snw" "Rnw" "nw" "tex" "sty" "cls" "ltx" "texi" "texinfo"))

    Tamas> in my init.el. However, if I open an Rnw file
    Tamas> (/usr/lib/R/library/tools/Sweave/Sweave-test-1.Rnw) it is not treated
    Tamas> as one, only if I evaluate (Rnw-mode) using M-: on the buffer. My
    Tamas> auto-mode-alist looks like this:

Tamas, have you loaded/enable ESS  at all in your  init.el file?
e.g., does
      M-x R
call R?
ess-noweb I think is supposed to be called in to a `loaded' ESS

(but then I'm only rarely using Xemacs, but rather GNU emacs and
I also don't know about the Debian package setup of these).

    Tamas> (("\\.Snw\\'" . Rnw-mode) ("\\.Rnw\\'" . Rnw-mode) ("\\.lout\\'"
    Tamas> . lout-mode) ("\\.tex\\'" . latex-mode) ("\\.tex$" . yatex-mode)
    Tamas> ... ) (I have left the end off)

    Tamas> so it should be working correctly. One strange thing: immediately
    Tamas> after I open the Rnw file, Xemacs gives the following warning:

    Tamas> (1) (local-variables/warning) File local-variables error: Symbol's
    Tamas> function definition is void: noweb-font-lock-mode

    Tamas> I don't know whether this is relevant. I am using debian/testing, the
    Tamas> package versions are:

    Tamas> ii  xemacs21                  21.4.6-8
    Tamas> ii  xemacs21-basesupport      2003.01.27-1.1
    Tamas> ii  xemacs21-bin              21.4.6-8
    Tamas> ii  xemacs21-gnome-nomule     21.4.6-8
    Tamas> ii  xemacs21-support          21.4.6-8
    Tamas> ii  ess                       5.1.24-3
    Tamas> ii  r-base                    1.7.0-0.cran.1
    Tamas> ii  r-base-core               1.6.0.rel-1
    Tamas> ii  r-recommended             1.4.1-1

    Tamas> Regards,

    Tamas> Tamas Papp

    Tamas> -- 
    Tamas> Tamás K. Papp
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    Tamas> tpapp at westel900.net
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