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>> There may be less work involved in doing (un-official) validation than there 
>> is
>> in advertising how much is actually being done. Perhaps the simplest 
>> approach is
>> for individuals to put together packages of tests with descriptions that 
>> explain
>> the extent of the testing which is done, and then submit the packages to 
>> CRAN.
> Another suggestion to address the issue of validation in the long-term:
> 1) "Validation" of scientific research takes the form of peer-review, perhaps 
> it is possible to come-up with a similar (not same) process for publishing 
> software, while maintaining the openness.

Note that the journal of statistical software
(http://www.jstatsoft.org/) already does this.

> 2)  We can also think of contribution to open source software as academic 
> contribution

We can.  I am personally aware of at least one major statistics
department that has decided that this is definitely not the case (and
aware of another that has).


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