[R] multiv library

Hector L. Ayala-del-Rio ayalahec at msu.edu
Mon Apr 21 20:18:18 CEST 2003

   I am not sure if this question if appropriate for this forum but here 
it goes.
I was trying to do PCA analysis using the multiv library and I realized 
that this particular library contains 8 methods of PCA which use 
different correlation covariance structures and normalization of the 
data.  When I analyze one particular data set with the 8 different 
methods I get different results in terms of the graphical display and 
percentage of the variance explained.  My question which method is more 
appropriate under what circumstances.  If somebody knows a reference 
that talks about the 8 different methods mentioned in documentation of 
this library please let me know. I am familiar with the differences 
between a correlation and a covariance matrix, but not with the other 
ones.  If you think that I should post this message in a different 
mailing list, please let me know.

Thanks and apologies if there is any information in the archives that I 
did not find :-).


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