[R] how to use apply with a function created by ourselfs...?

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Mon Apr 21 11:27:48 CEST 2003

"ANA KOZOMARA" <magnolia at absolutok.net> writes:

> ..hey thanks for the answer, both of you...
> but :-(, I don't seem to have an answer to my problem...
> I tried with what u suggested, but it doesn't work yet...
> so I will precise it...
> I have a data frame...
> and I would like to apply the function "prediction" which acts on two
> vectors
> prediction(linear,ind),
> to my data frame,I mean to all the rows of my data frame...
> something like a function "Map" in Mathematica...
> Shortly, I want to apply function "prediction" to a list of arguments, not
> to a single argument...
> I hope now it is more clear...
> Thanks for the answers once more,
> best regards,
> ana

It depends on your prediction function. The best thing is to arrange
that it vectorizes over its arguments, as Spencer Graves suggested.
Then it's just 


or, if you want something that works for more than two rows,

do.call("prediction", df) 

if your prediction() does not vectorize (i.e. a and b has to be
scalars), you can do two things:

pr.row <- function(row) do.call("prediction",row)
apply(df, 1, pr.row)

or create a vectorized prediction(), as in 

pr.vec <- function(a,b)

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