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TyagiAnupam at aol.com writes:

> This has been a fruitful discussion about doing "scientific" research.  To 
> the software issues one can add the general issue of
> reproducability: 

Reproducible research has been a key interest of many of R's core
developers and related folk.  Other references include:

Vince Carey's work, circa 1993, on literate codebooks for documenting

Jan deLeeuw's paper (originally 1996, added as UCLA tech report in
2001), http://preprints.stat.ucla.edu/301/

my work on ESS and Noweb (literate statistical practice), as described
in my DSC-2001 conference paper, as well as University of Washington
Biostat TechRep #163 http://www.bepress.com/uwbiostat/paper194/ and
related Chance article with Fritz Leisch (to appear in next issue).

Robert Gentleman and Duncan Temple Lang's work (not sure if there is a
paper, but there is software which worked for me once). 

There are many others...


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