[R] Problem with R 1.6.2 and RH 8.0?

Richard A. Bilonick rab at nauticom.net
Thu Apr 17 17:31:54 CEST 2003

Martyn Plummer wrote:

>Can you reproduce this problem with "R --vanilla" - i.e. without loading
>your saved workspace?
>Do you get the same problem if you install the RPM for Red Hat 8.0?
>What is happening here is that R is trying to allocate more and more
>memory. Eventually it runs out of RAM and starts using the swap space on
>your hard disk - hence the churning.  When the swap space is used up,
>the operating system kills the offending process.
I haven't tried it with vanilla options. The problem occurs randomly and 
almost all my work is connected with one project at the moment. I 
installed both 1.6.1 and 1.6.2 from the rpm binary for RH 8.0. The 
Compaq Deskpro EN has  319mb of memory but this seems to be eaten up 
quickly with Mozilla running. Most of the physical memory gets cached 
right away.

Rick B.

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