[R] Problem with R 1.6.2 and RH 8.0?

Richard A. Bilonick rab at nauticom.net
Thu Apr 17 17:24:43 CEST 2003

>Haven't heard about that before. There are three things you can do:
>a) Upgrade to R 1.7.0 when it comes out "tomorrow" (for largish
>values of tomorrow -- depends on what Martyn's plans are for
>Easter...) and see if the problem is still there.
>b) Next time it happens, run "top" or "ps" in another terminal, figure
>out the process ID (say, 7913) and run strace -p 7913 and tell us what
>you see.
>c) Make a habit of starting R under the debugger: "R -d gdb", then in
>gdb use "run". When the bad thing happens, Ctrl-C will bring you back
>to the debugger where you say "bt" which might give us a clue. (If you
>need to interrupt R for other reasons, use Ctrl-C and enter "signal
>2"). You can also attach gdb to a running R much in the same way as
Thanks. I will try this. I have a habit of leaving many windows and 
programs open on 8 virtual desktops. I think this may be the cause of 
the slowdown in the system (as open windows and programs pile up). It 
takes longer and longer to open a new shell, etc. I closed all the 
programs and windows and then logged out and back in to see if that is 
connected to the problem running R.

I just have a few windows open and already it takes a LONG time to open 
a shell window. Other programs start right up. Guess it's time to go to 
RH help list.

Rick B.

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