[R] BATCH and tcltk

Thomas W Blackwell tblackw at umich.edu
Thu Apr 17 16:33:06 CEST 2003

Thomas  -

Does your batch script include the line  library("tcltk") ?

The syntax for a batch script is exactly the sequence of
commands you would type at the R command line, without an
R prompt character at the beginning of each line.  It's
often much easier to develop and debug a batch script by
working interactively the first time.

Unfortunately, I do not use Windows, so I do not understand
any details of getting tcl/tk to work properly under Windows.

Could you ask a more specific question.

-  tom blackwell  -  u michigan medical school  -  ann arbor  -

On Thu, 17 Apr 2003, [iso-8859-1] "Unternährer Thomas, uth" wrote:

> Hi R-hackers
> I try to write a batch (in Windows, i have to use!) with
> Rcmd BATCH D:\Test.R D:\Test.Rout and
> Rterm.exe --no-restore --no-save < D:\Test.R > D:\Test.Rout.
> In my file Test.R are any tk-codelines
> (like: Window1 <- tktoplevel(); ... tkbutton...).
> It works not interactifly, what is written in Rcmd BATCH --help.
> Exist there a way to do it all the same?
> Please help... Otherwise i have to use Excel to get the GUIs .
> (and sorry about my english, it's terrible)
> Thomas

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