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Remember also, that there is an extensive series of tests available when
installing R from source by executing "make check".  Some time ago there
was discussion of this topic in r-help (see the r-help archives).

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I suspect that there is no easy answer to this.

The first step will be to write a user specification for what you want
use the software for.  In most cases, I believe that you will want to
specific functions and scripts.  Define those functions and scripts up
in the user specification.

Next will be to create those scripts you wish to use and documenting the
creation (I'm thinking of a library here)

Once this is created, you would need to create a standard dataset(s),
more the better, for the testing of the functions defined in the user
requirement specification. This is for comparison with a known result
used if the software is upgraded in the future.  I would propose to do
analysis (on the standard data set) the first time with a known package
as SAS, and compare that with R.  Once the data is been documented to
this becomes your standard setup.  I would then use a program such as
diff for any changes in printouts from the two applications.

Graphics are harder, but I believe that Paul Murrell and Kurt Hornik are
working on this by the paper: Quality Assurance for Graphics in R,  from
DSC 2003 Working Papers.

Hope this helps.

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Hi All

I am really very interested in starting to use R within our company. I
particularly like the open source nature of the product. My company is a
medical research company which is part of the University of London.

We conduct contract virology research for large pharma companies. My
question is how do we validate this software? I wonder if anyone else
had the problem and might be able to comment.



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