[R] Problem with R 1.6.2 and RH 8.0?

Richard A. Bilonick rab at nauticom.net
Thu Apr 17 16:23:28 CEST 2003

When I was running R 1.6.1 (under Red Hat 8.0), R would abruptly 
terminate from time to time. I would type in a line of code and hit 
return, and the cursor would not move from the end of the line. Then the 
hard drive would start churning. This goes on for at least 10 minutes. 
Finally R terminates (finally freeing up the keyboard and display). The 
only word printed is "Killed" immediately at the end of the last line of 
code. I upgraded to 1.6.2 and the same thing continues to happen. This 
happens for no apparent reason (doesn't seem to have anything to do with 
any particular code or function).

Here is the last time:

 > library(help=ts)Killed

Has anyone seen this problem? Any idea on what I should fix/change?

Rick B.

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