[R] layout.show()

Wladimir Eremeev wl at eimb.ru
Wed Apr 16 20:35:20 CEST 2003

Dear r-help,

  Please, be so kind, tell me what does mean the parameter of layout.show()?
  I use R 1.6.2... Windows NT 4.0
  Unfortunately I cannot understand phrases from the help
  "n: number of figures to plot."
        what figures?

  "`layout.show(n)' plots (part of) the current layout, namely the
    outlines of the next `n' figures."

    what figures?
    what does 'next' mean?

 I'm still trying to draw a legend outside a graph :)

    layout(matrix(c(1:2))) creates a wonderful layout.

calls to


draw a beautiful graph.

but call to
    layout.show(1) (or any other parameter instead of 1) destroys it.

what should I say to the R to make it keep already drawn graphs and
show a legend on the other "panel" of the layout?
Best regards
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