[R] Question on SOM and clustering

Jonck van der Kogel jonck at vanderkogel.net
Wed Apr 16 19:57:07 CEST 2003

Hello everyone,
I'm new to this list, so let me introduce myself: my name is Jonck van 
der Kogel and I am a graduate student at the Erasmus University of 
Rotterdam. I am currently working on my thesis which is on the use of 
artificial intelligence for large data-sets.
To do an analysis of a certain data-set I want to use Kohonen's SOM 
algorithm. However, as I understand it, the SOM algorithm as it's 
implemented in R only gives a visual representation of the topological 
mapping. I want to do further analysis with this mapping and thus I 
need to do a clustering of the topological mapping produced by the SOM.
I was wondering wether anyone could give me some advice on which 
clustering method in R is most suited for clustering the map produced 
by the SOM algorithm.

Thanks very much, Jonck

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