[R] Fortran interface

Cheolyong Park cypark1 at kmu.ac.kr
Tue Apr 15 10:33:14 CEST 2003


I have some difficulty in interfacing with Fortran.

I made the dll file of fortran subroutine named "avg" and its symbol
name is "_avg at 12".
I successfully loaded the dll file via dyn.load ( is.loaded("_avg at 12").)
was TRUE).
The problem is that nether .Fortran("_avg at 12", ... ) nor .Fortran("avg",
...) could call the subroutine avg.
My understanding is that the first argument of .Fortran is the
subroutine name not the symbol name.
Is there any way to use the symbol name directly in .Fortran function?

Please give me a clue!

Cheolyong Park.

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