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Don't miss two new hands-on, in-depth action workshop seminars for Help
Desk and Call Center professionals - Delivering Maximum ROI From Your Call
Center/Help Desk and Benchmarking, Best Practices and Beyond: Training for
the Multi-Tasking Call Center & Help Desk - running consecutively in
Boston this June. Not only will you come away with the tools to maximize
your ROI with technology, but you'll have the critical training and
measurement tools to take your call center/help desk to the next level.

Register for both seminars and save $395 off the combined registration
fee! Attendees at the Benchmarking, Best Practices and Beyond seminar will
receive a one time only Complimentary Peer Group Benchmarking Report - a
$1500 value - comparing each individual center to their vertical market.
Know where you are today, and where you should be! Register by phone,
978-470-3880 or online, http://www.dci.com/regsysv2/page1.asp?REGID=689
Provide priority code BZJTL33 when you register or request more

Download a brochure PDF or view details online by clicking on the links

Delivering Maximum ROI From Your Call Center/Help Desk
June 18-19, 2003 ~ Boston, MA

INSTRUCTED BY: Phil Grosdidier, President, and Donald J. Sutton, CEO, of
Dial Interactive.
This seminar explains the start to finish process of IVR (Interactive
Voice Response) and CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) systems, from the
purchase process, through design, through tuning up existing applications,
to the deployment of a new systems and applications.  There are practical
hands-on techniques for harvesting, defining and organizing your business
rules.  The focus of the seminar is on real-life experiences with workshop
examples providing a roadmap to success with your IVR and CTI
self-services applications.  In addition, the seminar will discuss how to
match Web self-service with IVR self-service and provide insight into the
most important uses of the information entered into the IVR.

Benchmarking, Best Practices and Beyond:
Training for the Multi-Tasking Call Center & Help Desk
June 16-17, 2003 ~ Boston, MA

INSTRUCTED BY: Rosanne D'Ausillio, Ph.D., President of Human Technologies
Global, Inc.
This seminar provides attendees the opportunity to assess where their
center is today in the area of customer service, best practices and
benchmarking.  Participants will learn what is being measured today and
why, compare their center's metrics to competition, and determine where
they are headed, what goals need defining and/or setting, and most
importantly, how to get where they want to go.

To register or request more information:
~ Visit http://www.dciseminars.com
~ Or call 978-470-3880 (M-F, 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM, EST)
~ Please use your priority code, BZJTL33, when you register
  or request more information

DCI's on-site training and consulting brings customized knowledge to you!
On-site seminars are an extremely cost-effective and convenient way to
educate your employees with a program tailored to your specific needs,
without ever leaving the office.  To learn more about how these services
can benefit both your staff and your entire organization, call DCI's
On-site Specialist at (978) 470-3870 or visit http://www.dciseminars.com
and receive a free quote today.

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