[R] Reading in multiple files

Bliese, Paul D MAJ WRAIR-Wash DC Paul.Bliese at NA.AMEDD.ARMY.MIL
Wed Apr 9 15:51:38 CEST 2003

I apologize if this is a FAQ -- I kind of recall seeing something along
these lines before, but I couldn't find the message when I searched the

1. I have hundreds of small files in a subdirectory ("c:\\temp") and I would
like to combine the files into a single data frame.
2. Individually, it is easy to read each file
3. It is also fairly easy to add new files to the data frame one at a time:

What is tedious about this solution is that we have to change the file name
in step 3 every time.

Is there a way to have R identify all the files in a directory and create
one big data frame?

I'm working in Windows with R 1.6.2.


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