[R] log-linear

Andy Bunn abunn at montana.edu
Mon Apr 7 17:17:25 CEST 2003

With this type of binary spatial data it would be nice to use
autologistic regression. I recently asked the list if there was a R
autologit function and nobody thought that there was. However, Jennifer
Hoeting has an S+ (and C++) version at her website:


Mantel's test has also been used successfully on binary spatially
autocorrelated data:

Schick, R.S., Urban, D.L., 2000, Spatial Components of Bowhead
Whale(Balaena mysticetus) distribution in the Alaskan Beufort Sea.
Canadian Journal of Fisheries Aquatic Sciences, 57, 2193-2200.

I have a highly confounded binary dataset that has first and second
order spatial effects (live vs. dead trees and a host of environmental
correlates) for which I'm looking for a tidy analytical framework. I
haven't really found the right thing just yet.

Cheers, Andy

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