[R] Is it possible to have data stuctures like in C ?

Ramon Diaz rdiaz at cnio.es
Mon Apr 7 16:06:45 CEST 2003

Dear Samuel,

With regards to the second question, essentially everything in R (S) is an 
object. As a simple example, if you do:
> x <- 1:5
x is an object. It has attributes, there are methods appropriate for printing 
it, etc.

As for the first, the simplest thing to use would be a list, where you can 
have named components of different types.
> y <- list(the.first.vector = 1:5, one.character = "a", another.vector = 

S4 classes do provide more sophisticated ways of dealing with classes, and 
they might be closer to what you expect from structs in C/C++ and classes in 
C++. S4 are thoroughly documented in Venables & Ripley's "S Programming" and 
in Chambers' "Programming with Data".

But I think you problably should start with the introductory manuals (such as 
"An introduction to R", which comes with R) and then maybe move to Venables & 
Ripley's "S Programming".

Hope this helps,


On Monday 07 April 2003 14:40, Samuel Plessis-Fraissard wrote:
> I'am a very fresh R user and I'd like to know how I could create such
> structures.
> I saw R was objects-oriented but I can not find any doccumentation on
> about how to build my hown ojects.
> Thanks.
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