[R] trellis.graphic in for-loop

Douglas Bates bates at stat.wisc.edu
Sat Apr 5 00:07:22 CEST 2003

Martina Pavlicova <pavlicov at stat.ohio-state.edu> writes:

> HI,
> try to use 'print.trellis()'
> Martina

Actually the preferred approach is to use print(), not
print.trellis().  That is, call the generic function, not the specific
name of the method.  With namespaces, available in R-1.7.0 and later,
package authors have the option of hiding direct access to methods.
If Deepayan Sarkar added a namespace to the lattice package (and I
think he does plan to do that at some point) then using print() would
work as expected but using print.trellis() would no longer work.

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