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Hi Martin,

I guess you didn't get to Chapter 9 or the Preface ;-)

Yes, you need some further commands.  Get the files from:


The two commands you are having trouble with are both part of the commands
written by the authors for the book.  These are not packaged nicely in a
package that you can load with library().  Instead, you need to get the
files from the web site and then use source to read them into the working

Hope it helps,


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I read "Practical Time Series" (Gareth Janacek; 2001) and they presented
e.g the
smoothing functions msmooth(x,k) or the bivariate function
but both didn't work on my machine.  I only load the ts library, is
library necessary or did this function change since 2001? Is there a
more recent and detailed manual for ts?

thanks, cheers Martin

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