Julia sqbabs824269 at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 4 09:21:54 CEST 2003

=============APRIL FOOLS PRANK==============

==New Features==

# Voice recognition! (live feedback from victims response).
# 17 Different pranks to play on your mates.
# Call back feature (call back your victim if they hang up).
# Listen in to the prank as your victim is wound up.


1 Dial 0906 664 1901  (Dial 09067 380 080 for the original service)
2 Select the prank 
3 Enter your victims phone number
4 Listen to their reaction as the computer dials out to them!

Calls to 09067 380 080 cost one pound per minute. Calls to 0906 664 1901 cost one pound and fifty pence per minute. Service provider: TPX 0871 872 3731. This email was sent from outside the UK. You are not on any distribution list which is controlled by the service provider. Promotion code: fynsi

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