[R] Two questions

Peter Dunn dunn at usq.edu.au
Thu Apr 3 01:03:57 CEST 2003

Hi all

Two questions:

1. I note that help for the postscript device claims "The 
postscript produced by R is EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)
compatible...".  It does not say it is EPS *compliant*.  
Indeed, the EPS produced by R includes a \showpage command 
which I believe (not that I'm an expert!) non-standard EPS.  
My question:  Is there any reason why it is EPS compatible,
but not compliant?  (I ask because the \showpage caused me
a minor trouble once.)

2.  R and S-Plus restrict the available combinations of
link functions and response distributions when using  glm.
The combinations allowed are certainly sensible, but what is
the logic for disallowing other combinations (eg  identity 
link only is allowed for the  gaussian  family)?  I also
know there are ways around it; I was just wondering about
the reasoning.



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