[R] n.iter in simplex()

Ji Zhu jzhu at stanford.edu
Wed Apr 2 03:53:22 CEST 2003

Dear R users,

Is anyone familiar with the "n.iter" argument of the simplex() function
(in the boot package)?  It seems it doesn't have an effect no matter what
value I set it ...

I'm trying to solve a linear programming problem and running into the
problem of

simplex.object$solved = 0


"A value of 0 indicates that the maximum number of iterations was reached
without termination of the second stage. This may indicate an unbounded
function or simply that more iterations are needed."  (Quoted from R
online help)

I'm pretty sure that my objective function is bounded.  So I tried to set
different values for "n.iter" (I even tried to set it equal to 0 and -1),
but no matter what values I set, I always got the same result.  Could
anyone give me some hint about what's going on?  Thanks in advance.



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