[R] analyze binary variables in R

Christian Schulz c.schulz at metafacts.de
Tue Feb 19 15:10:14 CET 2002

>>One nice example for this and something more is the configurational approach from C.Ragin
>>http://www.nwu.edu/sociology/tools/qca/qca.html  ,but i fight with the complexity of my data
>>and the speed of the contibuted software in TCL/TK and would attempt to implement this in R !
>Does any expert statistician recommend that approach?
Sorry only me and the author, but i think it is an nice alternative to 
see cases as configurations to classic descriptives,
but i mean not that classic methods are bad !

 easy Example:
 4 independent variables and one dependend which have only the state 
 true and false !
men , age > 40, catholic , income > 30000EUR   and the depedend variable 
"elect labor party"

...so you have not 4 independend variables - in this approach you have 
got 16 configurations which
are different to the outcome . Further you define benchmarks for analyze 
neccessary & sucessfully
conditions and test the signficance !        

A way further  Ragin  execute how it is possible to work  with 
fuzzy-sets instead of crisp-sets, too !

christian schulz


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