[R] removing duplicated rows from a data.frame

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Wed Oct 31 12:54:28 CET 2001

On 31 Oct 2001, Peter Dalgaard BSA wrote:

> "Gary Collins" <gco at eortc.be> writes:
> > Dear all, Sorry for the simplicity of the question, but how does one
> > go about removing duplicated rows in a data.frame? I'm looking for a
> > quick and simple solution, as my data.frames are relatively large
> > (50000 by 50). I've racked my brain and searched the help files and
> > found nothing useful or quick, only duplicated() and unique() which
> > work only work on lists.
> Nontrivial I think. Something like
> eql <- function(x,y)ifelse(is.na(x),is.na(y),ifelse(is.na(y),FALSE,x==y))
> o <- do.call("order",dfr)
> isdup <- do.call("cbind",lapply(dfr[o,],function(x)eql(x,c(x[-1],NA))))
> all.dup <- apply(isdup, 1, all)
> all.dup[o] <- all.dup
> dfr[!all.dup]
> i.e. sort the dataframe, figure out which rows have all values
> identical to their successor. This gives logical vector, but in the
> order of the sorted values, so reorder it. Finally select nondups. As
> a "bonus feature", I think this will also remove any row containing all
> NA's...
> A major stumbling block is that you'll want two NAs to compare equal,
> hence the eql() function.
> Actually, I think you can do away with the isdup array and do
> all.dup <- do.call("pmin",lapply(dfr[o,],function(x)eql(x,c(x[-1],NA))))
> and there may be further cleanups possible.
> One dirty trick which is much quicker but not quite as reliable is
> duplicated(do.call("paste",dfr))
> (watch out for character strings with embedded spaces and underflowing
> differences in numeric data!)

merge.data.frame does the equivalent of

mypaste <- function(...) paste(..., sep="\r")
do.call("mypaste", dfr)

which seems reliable enough.  Identical numerical data should
as.character identically, and embedded CRs are very rare in R character

As a test

duplicated(do.call("mypaste", iris))

(or duplicated(do.call("paste", c(iris, sep="\r"))) if you prefer a

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