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One way to get these formats (pngs,gifs,jpegs, etc) is to generate a postscript
file under a BATCH and then use some of the unix tools to convert to
PPN(PNM?).  Then one can use the PPN(PNM?)TOPNG type programs to further
convert to PNGs, GIFs, etc.  This is how Banfield generates his 'on the fly'
images.  The only problem I have found with it is that the image quality is not
very good.  I have messed around with the compression arguments to these
programs too with no luck.  I'm not sure at what point(s) the image quality
drops.  If anyone has any ideas of how to get around this I would be glad to
hear from them. 

At 10:13 AM 10/5/2001 -0400, Liaw, Andy wrote:
>I just try the following on Linux (Mandrake7.1) and it works:
>file (tryplot.R:
>>From the shell prompt:
>R --no-save < tryplot.R > tryplot.Rout
>This generated the JPEG file, and dump the R session text to tryplot.Rout.
>If I understand correctly, jpeg() will *not* work with R BATCH, since it
>depends on x11(), and x11() isn't available when run under batch mode.
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>> <Newbie alert> Hello all! </Newbie alert>   =)
>> Hi all,
>> First of all, I'm new to R and I'm REALLY REALLY impressed by 
>> it.  It's an asset to the open source community.  I can't begin to say
>> how glad I am to have stumbled across it in freshmeat.net...  
>> Kudos to the developers - you've done a great job.
>> OK - my question may be answered by looking through 
>> documentation (I did RTFM), but I haven't noticed anything 
>> yet.  I think I must
>> just be missing something though.
>> Does R give you the capability to run a script (read as 
>> non-interactive) that would perform a statistical task, and 
>> then send output
>> to a file?  For example: read a set of data from a file, 
>> generate a JPEG _file_ containing a plot of the data (with 
>> some specific
>> stat calcs plotted of course), and then exit?
>> I do capacity planning and would like to be able to have JPEG 
>> plots of real time statistical data appear on web pages, so I'm
>> thinking that a CGI can be executed that starts R up, 
>> generates a plot, and writes it to a file.  We currently use 
>> gnuplot, but with
>> all of the statistical needs we have, it is turning out to be 
>> less flexible than we had hoped.
>> Has this been done before?  Could it be?  If so, can we pass 
>> command line parameters to our R scripts somehow?
>> Thanks,
>> Chris
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