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I personally would like to see underscore assignment removed. Perhaps it 
could be temporarily a global option whether this is accepted. It might 
also help to issue lots of warnings whenever it is parsed. The 
"make.names" function isn't as useful as one might think. I used it to 
do automatic conversion between SQL and R names, but ran into things like:


[1] my.table                                    % converted from my_table

dbGetQuery(conn, "select * from my.table") % Oops, forgot that its 
really my_table

ERROR: invalid SQL

You can really scan the SQL and remove the dots because that is used to 
indicate table fields, e.g., my_table.my_column.

Let's kill that bit of cruft (underscore assignment) asap.


Philippe Grosjean wrote:

>Well, you are totally right. Backward compatibility *is* very important.
>That is probably a reason why the R team keeps _ as a synonym of <- for
>assignation. And still, there is the nice function make.names() to eliminate
>improper characters from name strings. Yet, I still believe that not using .
>(dot) in names strings would easy to decrypt the "object hierarchy" in R as
>in Splus. make.names() replaces any improper character by ... a dot. Thus,
>you got dots everywhere in variables names when you import data from SAS, or
>any external source.
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>According to Philippe Grosjean:
>|> If _ was allowed in variables names, we could use print.my_var
>|> (which should, perhaps, be recommended) and it would be easier to spot
>|> is the "object hierarchy" and where is the variable name.
>Here is one stick-in-the-mud who does not share the enthusiasm for
>such a change.  I started using Splus almost 10 years ago, and being a
>confirmed lazy typist ever since I started using unix, I immediately
>adopted the '_' shortform instead of the clumsy '<-' sequence.  It's
>an ingrained habit now which will be hard for an old codger to get out
>of.  Some esteemed contributors to this list have strong feelings
>against its use, but for my own use, I don't encounter any problems.
>If I make my code public I change it, but at the time of writing it in
>the first place, I'm very attached to lazy typing.
>There are hundreds of files of code which I have written the lazy way
>and I periodically source those.  Perhaps it wouldn't be difficult to
>search and replace in those files, but I'd prefer not to edit them
>since the date of the files is important information.
>Of course, such a stick-in-the-mud attitude does make it difficult to
>make progress by insisting on backward compatibility, but I offer a
>You could get a similar effect with names such as my..variable which
>would be visually distinctive from my.variable and still work with the
>current convention, but I don't know if SAS could deal with such a
>name. There could be a problem with ..myfun.x1 because it would not be
>available to the likes of objects(), but there could well be a way
>around that.
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