[R] Building shared libraries under Windows

Marco Taboga mtaboga at tiscalinet.it
Thu May 31 17:09:43 CEST 2001

I didn't manage to build a c shared library under Windows. 
I used rcmd shlib both with a source file and with an object file, but I got error messages in both cases.
I get the same error messages both using a Dos shell and Cygwin.
If I use the source file, I type:
    rcmd shlib prova.c 
and what I get is:
    make[1]: `libR.a' is up to date.
    windres --include-dir C:/R/RW1021/src/include  -i prova_res.rc -o prova_res.o
    windres: no resources
    make: *** [prova_res.o] Error 1
If I use the object file, I type:
    rcmd shlib prova
and what I get is:
    make[1]: `libR.a' is up to date.
    make: *** No rule to make target `prova.o', needed by `prova.a'.  Stop.

Thanks for your help.
Marco Taboga (mtaboga at tiscalinet.it)
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