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There is a program called tnimage which runs under Unix or Linux and which can read both 8 bit and 16 bit tif images, and can convert these to ascii files. After a little editing I can read the ascii file into S-plus. So far I haven't found just the right way to read these files in R, but it should be possible. You can download version 3.2.7 of tnimage from: ftp://entropy.brni-jhu.org/pub/unix/

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  Hi all, 
  i would like to analyze some images with R. 
  For example, i have a tif image (16 bit=2^16 values) that i convert in ascii file (8 bit =256 values only) 
  so it is easy to work under R with image() function. 
  But, i would like to  keep my image with 2^16 values... 
  how can i do to load my tif image in my workspace? 
  Do you know if there is a package for analysis image ? 

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