[R] Fortran subroutines dblepr, realpr, intpr

David Firth david.firth at nuffield.oxford.ac.uk
Wed May 9 19:10:57 CEST 2001

Further to my earlier request for help (see below): I should have 
said what operating system and compiler I am using.

I am working with the (mingw) g77 compiler under Windows 2000, and 
following the approach outlined in Venables & Ripley's "S 
Programming", p243.  That is, with my Fortran code in testit.f, I say

	g77 -O2 -c testit.f
	dllwrap -o testit.dll --export-all-symbols testit.o

which works fine when I don't have any print statements in testit.f, 
but if for example I call INTPR in testit.f the dllwrap step fails 
with the complaint
	undefined reference to `intpr_'
	dllwrap: gcc exited with status 1

Any hints will be much appreciated.  As I said earlier, I am just 
beginning with this.


>I am making my first attempts at using some Fortran code with R, and 
>so far it's going OK.  To print from my Fortran programs, it seems I 
>need subroutines dblepr, realpr and intpr.  From the excellent 
>"Writing R Extensions" document:
>"Three subroutines are provided to ease the output of information 
>from FORTRAN code.
>	subroutine dblepr(label, nchar, data, ndata)
>	subroutine realpr(label, nchar, data, ndata)
>	subroutine intpr (label, nchar, data, ndata)"
>Where can one find these subroutines?


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