[R] ESS Default function template for R

A.J. Rossini rossini at blindglobe.net
Thu Jan 18 03:12:50 CET 2001

The ess-help list would be an infinitely better list to send this to. 

ess-help at stat.math.ethz.ch

However, since I'm here, as far as I know, this problem is due to
differences in the way that S-PLUS and R handle the dump() command.

It's scheduled to be fixed soon (productivity on ESS, by the
development team, has recently increased).


>>>>> "SM" == S McClatchie <s.mcclatchie at niwa.cri.nz> writes:

    SM> Colleagues ---------------------------------- System info: R
    SM> version rw1020 on NT ESS using emacs ver. 20.4

    SM> ~/.emacs ; Default function template (setq
    SM> ess-insert-function-templates t)
    SM> ----------------------------------

    SM> When loading a new function into the R workspace using ctrl-CD
    SM> I would like the default function template to come up, rather
    SM> than a blank buffer. I thought I had the Default function
    SM> template set properly in my .emacs file (see above), but
    SM> apparently I do not.

    SM> Any idea what I'm missing, please?

    SM> Help will be appreciated.  Thanks

    SM> Sam

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    SM> acoustics)))))))))) NIWA (National Institute of Water &
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