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MichaelNielsen@synergy.com.au MichaelNielsen at synergy.com.au
Wed Apr 18 07:35:09 CEST 2001

Please forgive the relative lack of sophistication here -- I'm trying to 
learn R, remove the rust from my basic training in statistics, AND produce 
a useful result.

I have two vectors of equal length,  A and B, with a one-to-one 
correspondence between the elements (ie. A[i] corresponds to B[i]) which 
are provided by an SQL server upon which I can run any SQL statement.

I would like to partition A (like breaks in a histogram) into some number 
of equal-size partitions, and then calculate and plot the mean value of 
the B's that correspond to the A's in each partition (or, more generally, 
produce some descriptive statistics for each set of B's, and potentially 
try to draw some inferences about the B's in each partition).

I can imagine how to do this in Perl by writing a loop, but I suspect 
there may be a more natural way to do it in R, and would be grateful for 
any suggestions.




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