[R] SUMMARY and follow up question: organizing work; dump function

Fri Sep 29 09:09:06 CEST 2000

Thanks very much to Friedrich Leisch, Brian Ripley and Thomas Lumley for
their useful answers.

Basically, they all suggested creation of a personal package as the easiest
and best way to hold ones own functions. This indeed is quite easy and very

In addition, Friedrich Leisch pointed out that he's planning to add an
"append" argument to the dump() function.

One follow up question, though:
It seems that any comments that may be present in a packages function file
are invisible in R (version 1.0.0, Windows NT 4.0); e.g.
> library(cluster)
> page(agnes)
> print(agnes)
--> comments (as "#check type of input vector" in line 29 in file "cluster")
don't show up here.

Is this behaviour intended? I mean, some potentially useful information may
get lost this way (as an "ordinary" user, I would look at a function
definition by page() or print(), unlikely by looking in a packages function


>>>>> On Thu, 28 Sep 2000 15:54:01 +0200,
>>>>> RINNER Heinrich (RH) wrote:

>> Dear R-users!
>> I am using R 1.0.0 and Windows NT 4.0
RH> In the past I have used several different working directories for
RH> projects, and during many of these projects I have written some
RH> for particular purposes. Now I thought I would be nice to have all these
RH> "personal" functions collected in one place, and to make them available
in R
RH> no matter which working directory I use.

RH> Reading the manual "An Introduction to R Version 1.0.0", chapter 10.8
RH> ("Customizing the environment"), I guess the (best ?) way to this is to
RH> all my functions into one big file "myfunctions.R" and source that into
RH> via a .First function in my Rprofile file.

RH> But, when I write new functions and want to add these to my personal
RH> collection "myfunctions.R", it would be nice to have something like
>> dump("new.function", file="myfunctions.R", append=TRUE).
RH> AFAIK this isn't possible (there is no append argument to dump), so I
RH> I have to create new files each time and then copy these together

RH> So my questions are:
RH> 1) Does this way to organize ones functions make sense, or are there
RH> alternatives?
RH> 2) If it makes sense, wouldn't an "append" argument to "dump" be a
RH> thing?

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