[R] the underscore ("_") in variable name

Alberto Murta amurta at ipimar.pt
Tue Oct 3 12:55:28 CEST 2000

Murray Jorgensen wrote:

> This seems as good a place as any to gripe about the R/S assignment symbol
> "<-" !  What absolute fiend said: "now let's see, this is the symbol that
> will be most used in this language, so let's represent it by a
> two-character string, and further, let's have the two characters in
> different cases so that it will require a change of case mid-stream!".

That depends on which keyboard people use. In a portuguese keyboard "<-" requires
the same typing effort as "_" or even "=".  And objectively, it's a fact that "<-"
makes the code easier to read than "_".


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